WESG 2017 World Finals: Exeed’s lineup for StarCraft 2 and Hearthstone

As we anticipated with the news about Reynor, Exeed will be at WESG 2017. Other than our Italian StarCraft 2 player, Exeed will have another Italian player who is Turna. Turna is part of Exeed’s Hearthstone roster, and we are very happy he represents our country and our team at WESG. Last but not least is SpeCial, our secon StarCraft 2 player participating the tournament.
WESG 2017 will take place in Haikou, China. StarCraft 2 prize poll will be 400.000 USD, while Hearthstone will have it at 300.000 USD. WESG 2017 World Finals will start March 13th and will be ending March 18th.

Turna has performed very well lately, claiming a first spot in the WESG 2017 Central European Qualifiers. A position he confirmed in the WESG 2017 Europen qualified where he placed second. This result granted him access to the WESG 2017 World Finals where we are confident he will confirm again as one of the top players in Hearthstone. Turna will be playing in Group F, where he will play against the Canadian player Lucker, Fluffy from Sweden and akuoS from Morocco.

“After two years of experience playing competitive Hearthstone, I’ll go to the most important tournament of my career. I’m proud to represent Italy and Exeed in these WESG World Finals, where i’ll do my best to grab that huge prize pool.”

Most of the information regarding Reynor’s participation is found in our previous article. Since that announcement, the group stages were revealed. Reynor will be playing in Group F, facing against Puck, Divain and Classic. Puck is an American Protoss player, Divain is a Zerg Player from Algeria and Classic is again a Protoss player from South Korea.

“I’m very happy to be participating the World Electronic Sports Games representing Italy. I know that I wasn’t supposed to be part of it at the beginning, but i’m training a lot so i hope i can perform well.”

As said before, of course there will be SpeCial involved in the tournament. As you already know he has been very busy lately with a tight tournament schedule, and he couldn’t miss on WESG too. SpeCial will be playing in Group A, against two Zerg players, Sioras from Mongolia and XiGua from China, and the Romanian Protoss player NightEnD.

“After IEM Katowice i had to reset my mind. I know what to do in this tournament, and I’m practicing very hard in order to achieve it, so cheer for me! I am aware of my potential, and what i can reach. See you at World Electronic Sports Games in China!”

We hope our best to our players participating the tournament, knowing that they can reach great results, so please show them your support.

You can have more information from the Official Website of the event, and also follow the games from the official streams: StarCraft 2 and Hearthstone

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