WESG 2017: the Event starts today!

Today is the day! The time has finally come for the start of the World Electronic Sports Games. As we anticipated you last week, Exeed has three players competing in two different game categories: Reynor and SpeCial in StarCraft 2 and Turna in Hearthstone. WESG 2017 is one of the most important Tounraments of the year, featuring several game competitions under the same name. It is an amazing achievement to have the possibility to compete on this stage in and of itself, let alone to have three players in two different disciplines. We are extremely proud to be part of it but we are not here only to participate, we are here to prove Exeed deserves to be here and to the highest ranks of the competition.

WESG 2017 will see a round of 32 group stage, followed by a round of 16 group stage. The players who will be able to reach the qualification from both group stages will go to the Playoffs. The Playoffs are composed by Quarterfinals, Semis and Finals, the StarCraft 2 tournament will also see a match deciding the third place.

As covered in the previous article Reynor will face puCK, Divain and Classic. His group stage is not to be considered as a walk in the park, as Reynor is still pretty young. With that said our Italian player shows huge potential so we are confident he’ll be able to overcome this part of the competition. All his first three matches will be on the 14th of March the first is against Divain at 15.30 China Standard Time (UTC+8). The second match will be at 17.00 CST against Classic, while the third is against puCK at 18.30 CST.

SpeCial matches are against Sioras, XiGua and NightEnD. SpeCial showed during the course of his Career to be capable to be on the at the top, so this group stage should be fairly simple for him to pass. Considering his latest results, besides IEM Katowice, SpeCial should be looking for a top 4 spot in the tournament. SpeCial’s matches will be on the 13th of March, starting with the first against XiGua at 11.00 CST. The second match will be against NightEnD at 12.30 CST, and the last one will be with Sioras at 14.00 CST.

The Hearthstone tournament will see Turna face against Fluffy, akuoS and Luker. Turna’s group stage will be a normal matchup, considering also that he qualified as second in the WESG 2017 Qualifiers. It is not reasonable to look for a very good placement for Turna in the tournament. The matches will be held on March 14th with the first starting at 11.00 CST against Fluffy. akuoS will be the second player to face Turna at 13.00 CST while Luker will be the last of the day with the match starting at 15.00 CST.

We hope our three players the best, and make sure to root for them during the event! You can follow the official stream of the event for a live coverage. For more news about WESG 2017 you can check the Official Website.

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