WESG 2017: Reynor reaches the top 8

WESG 2017 comes to a close, and for Exeed it was a tournament about the unexpected. We are proud of our players and what they have done at WESG 2017. We are looking forward to present our lineup in the next WESG as well. With that said, Exeed had three players in the tournament: Reynor (SC2), SpeCial (SC2) and Turna (HS).

As anticipated in a previous article, Reynor had the hardest group stage on paper. But our youngster was able to pass the first group stage. Reynor won against puCK and gave up a match to Classic. Our Italian player also had a second win, due to the fact that Divain retired from the tournament too late for the organization to find replacement in time. In the second group stage phase Reyonr had to face Dark, iAsonu and his own teammate SpeCial. In this group stage Reynor lost only to Dark. The two wins against SpeCial and iAsonu granted our player the access to the playoffs. In the quarterfinals Reynor had to face Maru, who won the match up. Even if Reynor’s run came short from the prize, we couldn’t expect more from him. The result is remarkable in and of itself, and added to his young age makes it even more important.

“I’m very happy about reaching the top 8. The event was amazing, it was really fun playing in it, but i’m sure that i could’ve won today against Maru!”

SpeCial wanted to brush off what he did at IEM Katowice, but for our player, the WESG experience came to a close in the earlier stages of the competiton. Exeed’s Mexican player won all the matches of the first group stage looking good for what was next. In the second group stage, as anticipated, he found Reynor. The result here was the opposite of the first group stage. SpeCial lost against all of his three opponents, being eliminated from the tournament. We had good hopes on SpeCial’s performance in this event, sadly it came to a close earlier then expected.

Turna came in the tournament with a second place in the Hearthstone European qualifiers. As for SpeCial, the group stage is the place where he finished his run at WESG 2017. Turna won against akuoS, but lost to Fluffy and Luker, this resulted in his elimination. We had high hopes for Turna in the tournament, but we know that Hearthstone at times can be a little tricky. We are confident in Turna’s abilities and what he showed during the years confirms that he’ll be able to make up for that.

WESG is a difficult tournament, where the competition hard, and this year it showed us so. Nonetheless Reynor pulled off a very convincing performance.

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