Tour Stop Season 1 2018 HCT Oslo: Exeed has four players

Oslo is the Tour Stop Season 1 2018 location this weekend. It is the sixth stage of HCT Tour Stop 2018 Season 1. 256 players will be playing in the competition, four of which are from Exeed, compete for $15.000 and 191 HCT points. Tour Stop Season 1 2018 HCT Oslo starts today March 24th and ends tomorrow, March 25th.

The event will be played in Standard Mode, all matches are Best of 5 with a Last Hero Standing format. The group Stages will be played as 8 rounds of Swiss play. Out of the 256 players the top 8 from the Group Stage will earn the right to play in the playoffs.  A single elimination bracket will be the structure of the playoffs, and will go from quarterfinals to finals.

Exeed has four players in the tournament: Turna, ElMachico, Swaggermeist and zeal123.  Turna has been busy lately at WESG 2017, where he was eliminated in the round of 32 group stage. We are sure he wants to forget his performance quickly and get back on his feet.
We asked out player what the think about being in Oslo for the event and here are their responses:

I’m very happy to be able to participate this Tour Stop thanks to Exeed. I’m confident in the lineup I’ll be using in the tournament. I hope to win it!” zeal123

I’m happy for the Oslo’s HS Tour Stop. I want to give my best in order to guarantee myself the few points separating me from the European Playoffs. I think that my lineup can be strong in the field. Me and the team worked a lot on it and these are decks that already guaranteed us great ladder placements in the latter months. I hope the RNG will be by my side and to play at the best of my abilities.” ElMachico

I would like to thank Exeed for the opportunity that has given to me. My objective is to makeup for the bad result in China. I’ll aim at the best possible result. The field will be of a very high level , but I’m convinced about the strength of our decks.” Turna

I wanted to thank Exeed and our sponsor for the opportunity given to us. I’m confident in our decks and i’m hoping to get a good result.” Swaggermeist

Don’t forget to cheer for our players and show them your support, we hope them their best for this Tour Stop Season 1 2018 HCT Oslo.

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