Nation Wars: the voters promote Reynor and Clem

Today marks the end of the voting period for Nation Wars, as we anticipated to you, Exeed had several players whose names were into the voting list. First let us say the response for our players was amazing, especially regarding Reynor and Clem.

Our two youngsters received and incredible amount of votes, thrusting them to the lead in their respective teams. Reynor is confirmed for another year as Captain of the Italian delegation attending Nation Wars, with 6253 votes. He will teamed with RuinBlaster, another Exeed player from the Academy Team, and MiaNonna. Italy will have Ryu as a substitute, again another player coming from our team. It is not a full Exeed lineup for Italy, but we are very happy to see three out of four players coming from our roster.

Clem received another impressive show of appreciation from the fans. Exeed’s newest addition is ranked first in votes for team France, surpassing even Stephano. Clem ended up with 10302 votes, and he will team up with DnS and Stephano, leaving PtitDrogo as a substitute.

SpeCial is on the top of his team votes as well, with 7551 votes, forming a team with the Cham and JimRising.

We remind you that Nation Wars 5 will start on March 21st and will end April 21st, with a prize pool of 50.000 USD. Hopefully our players will be able to bring their country and Exeed to the top of the tournament, we certainly are confident about their abilities to do it.

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