Nation Wars 5: votes are open for Reynor and other Exeed players

It is that time of the year again, for the fifth year, players from all over the world join together and compete under their nation’s flag, it is time for Nation Wars 5.  The voting opens today, February 27th, and concludes on March 11th. The main event will be held starting March 21st and will last until April 21st. The competition will see 32 teams united under their national flag fighting to prove their nation is the best in StarCraft 2, and also for the 50.000 USD prize pool.

We at Exeed are really proud to see many players from the team up for voting. Make sure to vote Reynor for the Italian team! Our player has already been to Nation Wars before and on top of that he already captained the Italian team before. We would really love to see him in that spot again! Other than Reynor we have other Italian players in the poll. Obviously we would be amazed by seeing an Italian team made of Exeed players. If you like that idea as well make sure to vote for them because they deserve it.

Now, these are not our only players participating Nation Wars, for the Mexican team make sure to vote SpeCial. Our StarCraft 2 powerhouse has never been busier and he is not backing down from this tournament as well.

Following is the full list of Exeed players up for voting: Gerald, Mark, Reynor, Ryosis, Ryu, RuinBlaster, SpeCial e Vincent.

For more information about the event, and above all for voting your favorite players, you can visit their Official Website.

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