Nation Wars 5 Reynor ends his run at Top 8

Nation Wars

At Nation Wars 5 the Italian team has been eliminated after a great performance from Reynor. In the quarterfinals the Italian delegation encountered the hardest wall it could encounter, Korea. INnoVation sweeped the board with a 4-0, ending Italy’s run. After being able to win over France, China and Norway, all teams with incredible lineups, Italy’s run is finally over.

I haven’t played at my best, I know i could’ve done more. However, i’m happy to have brought Italy to top 8

It is important to say that reaching the top 8 is an amazing result for Italy. Exeed is very proud that the center of this result has been Reynor. We hope for sure that the next year he’ll be able to improve this result. Reynor’s amazing run with the Italian team is to be applauded, in this historic result at Nation Wars 5. It not only historic for Italy but it is another incredible achievement in Reynor’s career. It is great to see such a young player being able to perform like this at Nation Wars.

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