Nation Wars 5 Italy and Reynor in the top 8

At Nation Wars 5, The Italian team captained by Reynor managed to qualify for the round of 8. It was an outstanding performance by Riccardo, who played a great set of matches. Reynor was the key factor in the wins the national team got up to this point, winning 12 rounds and losing only one.

The team was able to beat France in the Qualifiers with a solid 4-0, by the hand of Reynor. The team then moved on to the Group Stage where China was waiting. The match-up was a close one, but another great performance by Reynor pushed the team forward. Riccardo managed to put up a comeback against three players that together make China’s strongest lineup. Thanks to that, despite losing 3 matches to China, Italy was able to win it 4-3. After China came Norway, Nation Wars 1 and 2 Champions. The winner’s Final was again decided by four wins from Reynor, who was on fire in the tournament. Defeating with a score of 4-1 Norway, beating Snute 2-0, granted Italy the qualification spot for the round of 8.

It has been great to see the Italian national team perform well also thanks to Exeed players, keep showing your support to them.  As always, you can follow Nation Wars 5 Official Stream and keep updated on the Official Website of the event.

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