Nation Wars 5 is starting today

It’s time for O’ Gaming’s Nation Wars 5! As we anticipated in a previous article we have various players in the competition representing different nations.

The format for the event is a little different from the usual. Belgium could not manage to participate, South Korea, the #1 seeded nation, moved directly to the Group Stage. Nation Wars will have the following format: 30 teams playing a fixed opponent in a Best of 7 series in All-Kill format. At the end of the qualifier only 15 teams will advance to the Group Stage. The Group Stage will have 16 teams who will play in 4 double elimination brackets. Again the matches will be Bo7 All-Kill. The top two teams from each bracket will advance to the playoffs. The playoffs will follow a single elimination bracket. They will be played with a Bo7 All-Kill format except for the Grand Final that will be played as a Best of 9.

We are an Italian team, and we are very proud to see Reynor captaining the Italian representative. After reaching the top 8 at Wesg 2017 our player will be the center of the italian team, and along with him there is also RuinBlaster, who, as well, is from our organization. The first match on the program for the Italian team is against France, a classic! But there is more to it. In the french team there is another Exeed player: Clem. Exeed’s French youngster is the french player who received the most votes, like Reynor for Italy. Along with Clem, are Stephano and DnS, creating a very strong team. France is going to be a difficult opponent for Italy considering also the tradition of the team, who won Nation Wars 3.

Other than our young players there is SpeCial playing for the Mexican team. His first match will be against Denmark.

We remind you that the tournament begins today, March 21st and ends on April 21st, with a pize pool of 50.000 USD. You will be able to follow the event through the official channel starting today.

In conclusion, we hope the best for our players involved in the competition and don’t forget to root for them. Italy vs France starts at 20.00 CET on March 23rd.

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