Heartstone Season 1 SCACC first in Italy

It is time for Hearthstone season 1 to end. The player with the most points for this season in Italy qualifies for the Hearthstone Global Games as the Anchor for the national team. We are happy to say that SCACC came out on top and claimed the first spot being now able to represent us at the Global Games. The second place was claimed by both Turna and ElMachico, ending with the same number of points. This sees Exeed players cover the top 3 positions in Italy for Hearthstone Season 1. For Exeed dosn’t end here, both ElMachico and Turna are still able to participate in the Global Games. Our two players in fact are eligible to be voted for the Italian team participating the competition. It is to say that for us it is a huge achievement, confirming the fact that we are doing a great work with our Hearthstone roster. This confirmation arrives right after another great success Exeed was able to reach at HCT Oslo, where Turna won the tournament.

We asked SCACC, ElMachico and Turna a few questions about this result.

Exeed – How did you organize yourself in order to reach this objective?

SCACC: Since the beginning of the season I knew it would have been very hard to reach this result. Fortunately I was being able to do it last summer. I qualified as the only Italian with HCT points. I entered the right mindset  in order to face this challenge, Hard work, dedication and patience. I knew I had to spend many hours in front of the Pc, passing lucky days and unlucky ones. But the important thing was to keep my head focused on the objective.

E – How does it feel to have reached the first spot in the very unpredictable Italian ranking?

S – I’m very happy with the work I’ve done and by reaching this objective. In the game and in life, my challenge is not directed towards others, but towards myself.

E – How will you prepare for the playoffs?

S – This is a special question for me. Last year, I fumbled in the playoffs, you can say I was unlucky or I didn’t prepare enough. I also think that I didn’t have a lot of support from my previous team. My objective for the playoffs is to prepare with my fellow teammates, both the ones that qualified with me, and the ones that didn’t.

E – How does it feel to go at the Global Games as the Anchor for the Italian team?

S – As soon as i read this question, a big smile appeared on my face. I think that a everybody would like to be in my shoes. I want to prove the world that Italy is a nation with a lot of talent, and I will at Global Games!

E – What do you expect from the Global Games?

S – It will be a new experience for me, considering I only played for a year. It will be amazing to represent Italy there, last year i watched them from the couch at home. I’ll do my best to bring our nation to victory. I know it will be a little complicated for me as it is my first live event, but i hope it will be fine.

E – What will change in the new season?

S – First with the new expansion the meta will change. We will have new decks to test and master. Personally I hope that the meta will shift in a way that we will see a lot of aggro decks as they are the ones that i prefer. Lately the meta didn’t have many so i was a little saddened by it. With that said, i’ll face the new season with the same mindset that helped me gain these recent objectives.

E – What are your expectations from the new season?

S – For sure I would like to repeat my recent results. Other than that I’ll have the responsibility to have good results in favor of the “team standings”. With Turna and ElMachico we will have to get the best results for Exeed.

We thank SCACC for taking some of his time for the interview. Now we have some questions for ElMachico.

Exeed – How will you prepare for the playoffs?

ElMachico – I’ll prepare in the only way that I know, Testing without rest and asking SCACC and Turna for an advice, as they already played in them.

E – What do you expect from the Global Games votes?

EM – It would obviously feel good to be voted and being able to represent the national team. It would be locig to do so as I’m one of the italians who won the most in Hearthstone, but with the public vote, i think the streamers are more likely to win.

E – What will change in the new season?

EM – I can’t wait for the new expansion! its becoming harder and harder to play focused with a two and half months old meta.

E – What are your expectations from the new season?

EM – I’ll do my best as usual in order to make Exeed’s name shine in the Hearthstone international scene, as already happened in the first Season.

We asked some questions to Turna too, as he as well as ElMachico, are in the voting pool for the Global Games.

Exeed – How will you prepare for the playoffs?

Turna – I’ll try to test as much as I can every deck that will come to my mind, as well as the ones my teammate will propose.

E – What do you expect from the Global Games votes?

T – I hope the Italian community will appreciate my recent results.

E – What you expect will change in the new season?

T – It will be a four months season, so a long one. There will be the possibility to have a bad month, but also the requirements will rise too.

E – What are your expectation from the next season?

T – I hope i’ll play well in the playoffs, and to be able to qualify to the  fall playoffs as well. I also hope to have the best Team Standings possible.

Don’t forget to vote for Turna and ElMachico so they can participate the Global Games along with SCACC. As always, we wish SCACC and the Italian team the best of luck at the Global Games, hoping to see them come out victorious from this tournament. Go Italy, Go Exeed!

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