Exeed Opens Its New Vainglory Section

Exeed Opens Its New Vainglory Section

The Equinox eSports Team has officially become the new EXEED’s Vainglory Team that will participate to VPL Season 1 EU.
The Team will continue to be managed by the current Manager, Marco “ReBasilisco” Bergamini.
The roster is one of the most complete and balanced of the competition, with noteworthy merits such as strong synergy and the ability to be interchangeable while maintaining its potential.

The Team will be composed by:

• Alessandro “BABYGR00T” Baroni
The formal captain of the new team and Bottom Laner, Italian, 21 y.o., a player present since the beginning of the game.

• Marvin “BABYGROOTpt2” Ikegbunam
Italian, Jungler, 25 y.o., former player of the 90 DEGREES with whom he shared the same results together with his partner BABYGR00T. Thanks to the strange combination of nicknames and their talent comes the nickname “Deadly Duo”.

• Simone “iLoveShy” De Vignani
Italian, Roamer, 18 y.o., despite his total absence in competitions was considered one of the most talented Italian emerging players, with tactical intelligence and adaptability.

• Marius “SF4NTU” Ungureanu
Romanian, Top Laner, 16 y.o., a very versatile and smart player.

• Alexandru “AIexSS” Turculet
Romanian, Roamer / Top Laner, 25 y.o., present on the competitive scene of Vainglory since it exists, player with great game vision.

• Markus “Korose” Ziesmer
German, Mid Laner, 20 y.o., relatively young player that has only exploded in the last 2 seasons thanks to amateur teams, with great sense of position and action time

We are enthusiastic and very curious to undertake this new path in the mobile world, we believe in the Team that remains Italian in its structure and in the roster.
We are sure that the mobile scene is now expanding and in its own way will be the protagonist of the global export scene of the near future.
EXEED could not exempt from taking this path from the top to see from the front line how this scene will evolve.

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